Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bau Truong, Cabramatta

I read about Bau Truong on Jennifer Lam's blog Jenius late last year but that review was on their latest opening in Marrickville. Ms J also has dined at the Marrickville branch and posted photos on Facebook which made me salivate. I knew amongst the few shops that Bau Truong has (and recalled reading a post by Helen on Grab Your Fork) one of them is in Cabramatta. So when Ms M asked if I would like to go on an eating day trip in Cabramatta, I immediately said yes!! 

We arrived at Cabramatta at about noon and started immediately with the popular Vietnamese pork roll (banh mi). We then had pork sauces on a stick, juices and various other foods, before we even sat down at Bau Truong for a proper lunch. Somehow, we all had 'expanded' stomachs on that day simply because we were at Cabramatta and were surrounded by food every step of the way.

Unlike the usual wait for a table, we got our table immediately as we arrived at Bau Truong. And as usual, I wanted to eat everything on the menu but was embarrassed to voice out my greed infront of Ms M and Mr C LOL! Anyways, here's what we ordered - all dishes to be served as they get cooked!

Prawn and jelly fish salad served with prawn crackers
Prawn and jelly fish salad - nicely assembled on the prawn cracker - ready to be eaten!!
The prawn and jelly fish salad was quite refreshing. I personally really like jelly fish because of its crunchy texture. The salad had a generous portion of cooked prawns (sliced into half), apples, cucumber and a sweet dressing, a tad too sweet for my liking. The whole dish needed something a little sour to give it the balance but it was all just sweet. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable dish.

Fish spring rolls
The fish spring rolls was my favourite! The fish filling's wrapped in a type of skin (different from regular Chinese spring rolls) which had a crispy yet slightly chewy texture. It reminded me a little of glutinous rice flour kind of texture which I love! In fact, both Ms M and Mr C also really liked this dish. I highly recommend it!

Grilled chicken with crispy sticky rice
The grilled chicken with crispy sticky rice cake was also very tasty. The chicken had a sweet caramelized charred skin but the meat was still juicy inside. The sticky rice is definitely pan fried as it has a crispy crust which is awesome with the chewy texture. Again, the sticky rice is also a bit sweet. So far, most of the dishes has been on the sweeter side, more sweet than my daily food intake.

Goat curry with baguette
Lastly, the goat curry! I love goat! Especially goat curry!! But when I say that, I would be referring to the Southern Indian goat curries and have definitely not tried Vietnamese style goat curry. This was my first time and it was indeed interesting. The curry was very watery, not thick like the curries I am used to. And again, it was really sweet! The spice flavours were quite mild for a curry. But the goat was tender and yummy. Unfortuntely, I dont take blood jelly eewwww!!! And if you are wondering what the brown square pieces are floating in the curry, yup, blood jelly it is! By the way, you need to soak the baguette soaked into the curry. The portion was quite small so we couldnt really use up the entire baguette in the curry as it wasn't enough to do the job. 

The aftermath
We were so full when we finished we couldnt move. So we sat and chatted for more than an hour. We had Vietnamese coffee which I didnt take a photo of. Very strong but it's just the way I like it. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable meal except for everything being a tad too sweet for my liking. Would I return? Yup just for the fish spring rolls! OOOLLAAALAAAA!!! And perhaps check out their Marrickville branch which is slightly a bit different (small plates/tapas style). 


Bau Truong, Cabramatta
Address: 42 John Street, Cabramatta, Sydney
Phone No.: 02-9727 4492    
Trading Hours: 7 days, 10am-11pm



penny aka jeroxie said...

Will check this out next time I am in Cabra!

Lay's said...

Cool! I love Cabra! So much food but so little space!! haha

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