Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three Blue Ducks @ Bronte

I read about Three Blue Ducks cafe some time back from notquitenigella's food blog and wanted to try out the place but somehow it got lost in the super long list of mine. Then when Masterchef had the 3 chefs from Three Blue Ducks participate in a challenge, 'ting ting ting', I remembered and immediately suggested to Ms J to meet there for lunch on Saturday. We were lucky, got there about 12.15pm and only had to wait 5 mins to get a table. Unfortunately, we missed the breakfast menu by 10 mins, and so we went for the lunch menu instead. I was eye-ing other table's food and the baked eggs with chorizo looked amazing. I didnt catch anyone having the pancakes but it sure sounds delish.

Service was prompt. Drinks were served fast, coffee was good.

single origin coffee - skim flat white $4

Mr R ordered the crispy skin ocean trout with wakame & cucumber salad with wasabi mayo, Ms J ordered pork belly with chilli jam, enoki mushrooms & asian greens, babs got the braised beef cheek, burnt onion, mustard seeds & celery and I got the steak sandwich with red pepper mayo, tomato, onion marmalade & rocket. I managed to snap some photos with my iPhone camera but they didnt come out too good..arghhhh!!

crispy skin ocean trout with wakame & cucumber salad with wasabi mayo $24

pork belly with chilli jam, enoki mushrooms & asian greens $26

braised beef cheek, burnt onion, mustard seeds & celery $26

steak sandwich with red pepper mayo, tomato, onion marmalade & rocket $16

Everyone let me taste a small bite of their dish and I was really liking them all. The ocean trout was still pink and that's the way it should be served. The pork belly was so soft as melted in my mouth! The beef cheek needed no effort, it was braised beautifully and tender was an understatement. The 2 ladies next to me ordered the calamari with pearl barley and roast pumpkin & goat's cheese salad, and they looked beautiful. 

Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with my steak sandwich. I was so looking forward to enjoying a beautifully cooked piece of steak (expectations of ex-fine dining chefs) but I was served the total opposite. I was told by the waiter that the steak would be served medium rare, what I got was 3 mini slices of over cooked pieces of beef. What happened to the juice piece of medium rare steak? :(  I was so disappointed, I stopped, wiped my fingers and peeled open the sandwich so I could take a photo of it. Ms J asked about the flavours, and although it tasted fine, I couldnt comment as I was still imagining that piece of juicy meat that was at that point... imaginary. Sadly but truely, I have had much better steak sandwiches served in pubs. Three Blue Ducks - if you read this, please serve a nicely cooked medium rare juicy piece of steak :) And I will for sure come back and re-order :)

Not the kind of steak sandwich I would expect :(

After lunch, I walked over to the other side of the restaurant and ordered 3 pieces of dessert - baked chocolate tart, lemon meringe tart and a slice of chocolate brownie. The chocolate tart was interesting, it had some kind of alcohol in the filling - I suspect it was rum, Mr R said brandy. It could be Kirsch or even chocolate wine....hhhmmmm....anyways, the lemon meringue tart was nice, it had a good balance of flavours. The only comment on the 2 tarts were the tart shells were thin but hard. I had to use 2 hands to cut it through with the fork. The chocolate brownie is ok.

The 4 of us chatted until 3pm. Had lots to catch up hehehe. Total bill came up to $140. I suppose it was ok since babs and Mr R had 2 coffees, and I and Mr R had a juice on top of the coffees. 

So, dear readers, tell  me where did you have the best or the worst steak sandwich?

Three Blue Ducks
141-143 Macpherson st
Bronte NSW 2024

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday - Breakfast: 7am - 11:30am; Lunch: 12midday - 2:30pm
Dinner (wed, thu, fri, sat) - 6pm - 11pm
Dinner bookings only



chocolatesuze said...

shame about the steak sandwich but the beef cheeks sound amazing!

Lay's said...

oh yes, the beef cheeks were really good!!